NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services, also known as Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 1976 and is based in Princeton, Massachusetts.

Our Service Dogs become an extension of their handlers and bring freedom, physical autonomy and relief from social isolation to their human partners who are deaf or have a disability. NEADS receives very limited federal government funding and relies on the support of individuals, foundations, corporations, service organizations, bequests and workplace campaigns.




10.24.2018 Charlie

Lindenhurst Office

On December 24, Charlie will be 9 months old!

At this age, Charlie has been taught all of the basic obedience cues, and most of the Service Dog task work.  As Charlie continues to mature, his handler will refine his skills.  In the next few months, Charlie will be taught how to tug and hold open a door so a person can go through the doorway and how to find a misplaced phone by the smell of vanilla extract.

Charlie and his weekend raiser will broaden their filed trips to include sit-down restaurants and large cities.  In addition, they will take more and longer trips on public transportation.



8.8.18 - Iris

Wall-EsPat Office

Iris is 8 months old!  Iris is learning more advanced commands and Service Dog task work.  Iris is being taught the task work that would be beneficial to a potential client.  Her handler is teaching Iris how to turn light switches on and off, retrieve dropped objects, push automatic accessible door buttons, and how to get an object out of the refrigerator.

Iris and her weekend raiser are taking field trips to hospitals, large cities, grocery stores, and going for rides on public transportation.




7.24.18 - Sage

Wall – Muscarella Office

Sage is 6 months old!  Sage and her weekend raiser have been busy.  This month, as part of her socialization, Sage and her weekend raiser have been to a coffee shop, church, an assisted living facility, the Moving Vietnam Memorial exhibit, and a local shopping mall!

Her handler has taught Sage basic obedience cues, such as sit, stay, sit/stay, stand, stand/stay, leave it, down, down/stay, come, shake, and settle.  Her handler will continue to review the basics, and introduce the next level of obedience cues.  Some of these are; closer (pup moves closer to the person), back (pup takes a step backward), left (pup moves to the left side of the person or apparatus), right (pup moves to the right side of the person or apparatus), and under (pup goes under a desk, table, or bench).




10.24.18 – Rosey, Pepper, and Daisy

Rosey, Pepper and Daisey are in the final stages of their Service Dog training.  Pepper is 21 months old, and Rosey and Daisey are 16 months old.

At 12 months, all three of these dogs have been taught over 15 Service Dog tasks and 30 obedience cues/commands.  As the pups continue to mature, their handlers work to refine their skills, under the guidance of NEADS Senior trainers.  It is vital that service dog task work executed by NEADS dogs is done with precision, accuracy, and consistency.  These tasks provide clients with freedom and independence to get through everyday life in this world. 





4.20.18 – Marcy

Marcy was born on 2/16/18, and she is at the Laura J. Niles Early Learning Center (ELC) on the NEADS campus.  Marcy will have plenty of time to play with the 6 other puppies at the ELC, both inside and outside in the fenced in play yard.  Between play sessions, the puppy program staff will take Marcy on walks around campus, and give her lots of attention!





Be sure to check back to see how all the pups

are doing throughout their NEADS training!